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Alexander, Virginia Records

Alexander, Virginia Records

Activity and Event Reporting

Document submissions are reported by quarters. The notation for each respective document in each month has the following meaning:

- Check mark = received and approved

- Black Box = N/A for respective month

- an "X" = No documentation uploaded; please note the final deadline for payment.

- "~" = Pending review

Please check your e-mail for any requested corrections or modifications for documents pending review.

Any missing documents will needed to resubmitted by the stated deadline and may be subject to reduced stipends per SOW.
Mtg Agenda
Mtg Minutes
Mtg Sign-In
Activity Summary - Advisor
Activity Summary - Student
Activity Sign-In
Activity Summary - Advisor
Community Event Sign-In
Community Event - Student

Advisor Stipend Records:

Please note it may take 5-7 business days for records to be updated after submission.

Please refer to your Statement of Work (SOW) and Advisors' Manual for all documents required for monthly submisssion.

A successful file upload will appear under my files.

Files can be removed by clicking the "x", which will be confirmed by two messages in green and blue.