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SWAT End of The Year Training 2014!

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SWAT End of The Year Training 2014!

This year, the End of The Year SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco) training was held at the Florida State University Reservation (The Rez). The Rez is a student recreation area that includes cabins for lodging, conference rooms, and many outside activities, including team building courses.   SWAT members got a chance to spend the entire weekend at The Rez, and had a wonderful experience. Not only did Leon County SWAT members participate, other surrounding counties came to take part in the training as well, including students from Washington, Gadsden and Bay counties; each individual helped make it a successful event.

To kick off the first night, Washington County SWAT members did a wonderful and informative presentation on Leadership Training. In their presentation, they discussed “How to be A Leader,” and “Organizing your SWAT Chapter.

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Saturday was by far the busiest day of the training. To start off our morning, we had our very own Leon County SWAT Leaders facilitate the training. Normally we hire a company to come out and talk to the youth on various subjects, but this year, we decided to let our leaders lead the training.  Our leaders had the opportunity to lead their own presentations on various subjects including Tobacco 101, New and Emerging Products, Laws in the State of the Florida and Their Impacts, and Advertising and Promotion of Tobacco in Media.



After being inside for most of the day for presentations, the SWAT members and leaders had the opportunity to participate in a low ropes course outside.   The course was a team building activity to help the SWAT members understand the importance of improving team performance and learning to work with one another. Also in the same day, we got a chance to take the SWAT members over to the State Capitol to shoot some film to make a commercial, which the SWAT members truly enjoyed.

We ended the weekend with another Leadership Training which discussed the M.A.D Skills, which stands for Message, Audience, and Delivery. During this segment, the youth were able to create their own board game on a blank poster board. After the activity and lunch, we all said our goodbyes.


This training was a HUGE success, and was a great weekend of both fun and learning.  I believe our Leon County SWAT leaders and our SWAT Coordinator, Dekywan Debose deserve a hats off for organizing such a successful event!


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