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Student Leaders’ Portal

Student Leaders’ Portal

Welcome to the Student Leaders' Portal!
Congrats on being chosen as the student leader for your SWAT Club! If you have been sent login credentials for this page, your SWAT Advisor has trusted to you to have additional access to SWAT materials to help build and maintain your club. The Leaders' Portal is designed to:

        *** give you exclusive access to SWAT materials and meeting/activity documenation;

        *** provide opportunities to give the SWAT Coordinator / Tobacco Prevention team
            feedback on suggestions for helpful resources for your club;

        *** Share pictures of your SWAT club activities for possible statewide recognition of
            great work; and

        *** Share ideas for interactive meetings and activities with other Leon SWAT Leaders.

The Leaders' Portal can always be improved with your suggestions. Don't be afraid to tell us to how to help you get the most from this exclusive access!


SWAT Leaders' Portal Login FAQs:

How do I know my login information?

Login credentials would have been sent to the e-mail address provided in the Student registration form.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

You can reset your password by clicking the 'forgot password' link.

Can anyone else access or use my advisors' login information on my behalf?

Login credentials SHOULD NOT be used by anyone else other the assigned student under any circumstances. Unauthorized portal access with your credentials may result in discontinued portal use.

Please see the terms and conditions e-mailed with credential approval.

Who should be able to use this portal?

SWAT is an organization designed to build leadership for all members. However, this portal provides additional resources for executive board members, who have been handpicked by their Advisor.

Pleae see your Advisor if you are interested in taking on more leadership responsibilities that rely on portal access.