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Tobacco Free Leon Partnership FAQs

Tobacco Free Leon Partnership FAQs

Tobacco Free Leon (TFL) Frequently Asked Questions

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"I joined the partnership to let my voice be heard in my own backyard..."
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General Partnership Information

What is the Tobacco Free Leon (TFL) Partnership?

The Tobacco Free Leon (TFL) Partnership is a coalition of organizations who support a tobacco free Leon County. The Partnership works together with leaders in the community to educate the public about tobacco issues and promote ways to live tobacco free.

TFL’s mission is “to empower youth and adults to mobilize and coordinate resources Leon County resources to create tobacco free communities through youth prevention, cessation activities, promotion of a tobacco free lifestyle, and reducing the tobacco industry’s influence.”

What organizations are currently involved in the Partnership?

The Partnership is made up of various community organizations, businesses, healthcare providers, students and concerned citizens.

Do I have to be a TFL member to attend the meetings?

No, community members are invited to attend TFL Partnership members regardless of membership status.

Learn more about upcoming meetings and plan to make your voice heard.

Potential membership

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the Partnership?

Partners participate in a network of organizations working towards tobacco free policies and environments in Leon County. The network can be beneficial in building relationships with community residents and gaining support for your cause - all while improving the health of communities.

Each member brings an understanding that true change can be achieved when ideas, resources, and a volunteer network are pooled for maximum community impact.

What is my role as a member of the Partnership?

The Partnership meets once every other month. Partners provide support in working towards the organization's goals, assist in event planning, and promote overall wellness in the community.

Partnership meeting notices will be sent via e-mail, and can be found on the website’s events section.

How do I join the Partnership?

You can complete a TFL Membership Application available here and during the meetings.

Future of the Partnership

What are the Partnership’s plans for the future?

The Partnership is currently and consistently working towards creating a more safe and healthy environment for Leon County citizens—especially youth.

By assembling a group of like-minded entities that are supportive of establishing tobacco free policies in Leon, we will inspire the community to encourage others to live tobacco free lifestyles.

Who do I contact for more information on joining TFL?

The tobacco prevention team’s information is listed on our contact section of the website.