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Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT)

Welcome to the SWAT section - where you can learn more about how youth, ages 11-17, can join the fight
against Big Tobacco. They want recruit a replacement generation of smokers - don't let that be you!
SWAT's Mission: SWAT is Florida’s statewide youth organization that mobilizes, educates and equips Florida's youth to revolt against and de-glamorize Big Tobacco. We are a united movement of Florida empowered youth working towards a tobacco free future


Leon County SWAT represents youth advocating for healthy, tobacco free environments to government officials, the community, and local businesses.

Leon County SWAT aims to empower young people and adults through:

      ‑ community education,
      ‑ community participation,
      ‑ media platform / marketing,
      ‑ community-wide policy change, and
      ‑ effective policy enforcement

while working with Tobacco Free Florida.
SWAT Goals

Create community support

Build awareness of tobacco marketing tricks and targeted practices.

Join the Photovoice Project

Promote tobacco policy enforcement

Youth at K-12 schools have a voice that needs to be heard!

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Expand SWAT Clubs in Leon County

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