What is SWAT?

SWAT is Students Working Against Tobacco, a united movement of Florida empowered youth working toward a tobacco-free future. With SWAT being youth led, as a SWAT member, you truly have the power to create change in your community, the way you want to!

What does SWAT do for the community?

SWAT is a youth advocacy group that promotes leadership and community involvement. SWAT uses these avenues among teens to create awareness about tobacco. SWAT helps develop speaking, advocacy, and other leadership skills and opportunities for youth to grow as community advocates.

How can I become a member of SWAT?

Great question, there is no better time than now to Join the Movement. We will send you all the information you need to join a local SWAT chapter.

Is SWAT a national organization?

No, SWAT is only established in the State of Florida. There are many similar organizations throughout the nation.

How many members did Leon County have in 2012-2013?

There were over 200 SWAT members in Leon County and 4,000 in the State of Florida.

How can I contact Leon County SWAT?

You can send SWAT an email at Dekywan.Debose@flhealth.gov or give him a call at (850) 408-1794 . You can also find us on Facebook at Leon County SWAT , on Twitter @lcswat and on Instagram @swatleon.