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Every Kid Healthy week is celebrated through the entire United States during the last week in April; this year, it is observed April 21-25. Children in the United States should be physically active, healthy, and well nourished. One in three kids in the United States is either overweight or obese. This could be the first generation that might live shorter lives than their parents if this trend continues.

Every Kid Healthy is a week for schools throughout the U.S to celebrate their wellness achievements.
During the week, the obesity epidemic that is affecting our kids throughout nation is the main focus. Not only is the obesity epidemic being looked at, the solutions for obesity are looked at as well. Throughout our nation, kids are being encouraged to start eating healthy and exercising daily along with being very regularly active. Some ways schools can get their kids being healthy is by having the school host a school-wide taste test of healthy foods, participate in a healthy cooking lesson, a 5K race, or even by having a health fair.

SWAT, Students Working Against Tobacco, helps to keep kids healthy through their important community outreach to youth and their message of stopping Big Tobacco in its tracks. Avoiding tobacco use during youth, and spreading the knowledge of its true dangers, helps in its own way to promote a healthy youth lifestyle.

With this being said, I believe Every Kid Healthy Week is an excellent observance. Although I had never heard of it before, after doing research, I believe it is a great opportunity to bring important children’s health issues to light. Kids should begin eating healthy and being active every day at an early age so that they may carry good habits through to their adult life.

I encourage every kid who is a member of SWAT to be a part of some sort of physical activity daily, whether its football, basketball, cheerleading, or even just simply running or walking. Let’s stop obesity, eat right, and get fit for Every Kid Healthy.

Author: Ashley Leon

Ashley serves as the SWAT Coordinator Assistant in Leon County. She is currently enrolled at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University seeking her undergrad in Criminal Justice.

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