Partnership Mission

The mission of Tobacco Free Leon (TFL) is to empower youth and adults to mobilize and coordinate the resources of Leon County to create a tobacco-free community through youth prevention, cessation activities, promotion of a tobacco-free lifestyle, and reducing the tobacco industry’s influence.

Partnership History

Tobacco Free Leon was created in 1998 and revitalized in 2006 to promote a tobacco-free atmosphere, improve the health of Leon County residents by reducing tobacco use and prevention of youth initiation, to protect Leon County residents from environmental tobacco smoke through advocacy and education efforts, to promote healthy lifestyles, and to advocate for positive change. The Partnership consists of organizations and community members who are interested in collaborating on programs to reduce the acceptability of tobacco use in Leon County through policy and system change.

Partnership Goals

Tobacco Free Leon is a county-wide, locally organized group committed to saving lives and improving the overall health and well-being of residents and visitors by reducing and/or eliminating use of tobacco products. TFL is comprised of community members who advocate policy changes and educate decision makers about the impact of tobacco on all of our lives. It is further organized to advocate on the local level for:

  • Prevention of the initiation of tobacco use;
  • Protection from secondhand tobacco smoke; and
  • Promotion of tobacco cessation.

Partnership Members

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Big Bend AHEC 

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